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I often feel that there is a stigma with some companies, they believe that they have to be seen to be doing good in the world rather than doing things with a meaning or passion. They feel like people have to see them doing well, helping people, donating to charity or investing to get a sense of achievement. Here at Darcy, we absolutely love to support charitable events and acknowledge the great work that charities do. But we do so much more in the day to day background that sometimes people not be aware of. This is by investing in our candidates, clients and the whole construction market by training.

At Darcy, we are truly making a difference. We take the ‘Investing in Talent’ pillar of our business very seriously (although we haven’t still won the award yet Recruiter Magazine! *cough cough*). We have a high quality training platform that we offer to all of our candidates and clients free of charge. This training platform offers a wide range of online courses for people to complete and improve their skill knowledge. Courses such as: Asbestos Awareness, Manual Handling, Abrasive Wheels, Fire Safety Awareness, COSHH, Electrical Safety, Emergency First Aid and Working at Heights among others. 

By doing this, we do not only improve the quality of the candidates that we are providing to our valued clients, but we are also offering valuable skills that construction workers can use in the future. I personally believe this is one of the many reasons that we have such a high quality and reliable core base of workers that we can turn to all over the country. They feel valued by us and know that they will always get the opportunity to improve their skills whilst working for us. 

Darcy Associates Training Portal

The online portal is also very easy to use. It’s mobile friendly. It’s very simple. We send a link to you via email within a few minutes, you create a password and away you go. The courses are very interactive and easy to follow. They all contain videos which you have to watch carefully to gather information, followed by a certain amount of questions on what you have watched at the end. We know that everyone may not be perfect first time – so you get up to 3 attempts to complete the course fully. All of our team members have completed the majority of the courses that are on offer. This allows us to not only gain a better understanding about what our workers need to be aware of when they are on site but also helps us to offer advice if anyone is having issues with the course they are completing. 

Another thing that we provide is face to face contact with our candidates and clients (Pre Covid-19). People that are local to our office are often invited in to complete the training at our office so support can be offered efficiently if it is needed. This also gives us a chance to meet the workers that work so hard for us. Not every agency does this. 

Free Facefit Training

On top of our online training portal, we also offer free face-fit respiratory mask fittings to our candidates that require it. Everyone will know the risks that all types of dust, residue or anything dangerous that can be breathed in poses. We always try to protect our workers the best we can by offering this training and the required pieces of PPE to them if they do not have it. It seems like there are more and more sites that are working with Asbestos or at risk of it and it is not something to take lightly. We pair this mask training with Asbestos Awareness courses to be sure our candidates are always taking the correct safe actions. Our team are trained to complete the face fit training and this is also something we have helped a few of our clients bring in house. They have asked our team who are qualified train the trainers to teach their Site Managers in this fitting process so all of their own staff can be safe when working on site at all times.

We try our very best to give back to the candidates that work so hard for us and offer our clients a service that betters their business. If you are interested in this or any other services we supply, please visit our website or call us on 0117 214 0052. 

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