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Fear of Video Marketing Recruitment Agency Construction

Over the last year or so we have been in lockdown, business slowed for a lot of companies across the UK and with most people working from home while trying to home school and look after there young ones – it has been hard to reach contacts via the telephone.

At this point, the challenge of making calls to discuss our product became very slow and had very little success rate of actual reaching the individual I wanted to contact. You would be passed around to different people all working from home, experience many poor phone lines which made the call 10 times harder.

I set myself the task to research other ways to cary out sales. I wanted a way to reach people that wasn’t interrupting a potentially busy day of schooling kids and juggling home working while carrying out a full days work. Not only did I want to be making sales to keep the business going but also raising awareness to the brand we are creating, our purpose as a business and the other services we offer such as training and PPE.

I had seen many others posting videos on Social media and have always found them to be engaging. Of course, the fear of doing these and being humiliated always worried me. But the positive was they allow the user to view at their own leisure, when it suited them and when they had time. No fixed conversation about the product and able to view more than once if needed while engaging with people visually and verbally.

On average, each person spends 3 hours a day on social media. Most of this time is spent scrolling through posts and watching videos rather than reading. This is when I had to overcome my biggest fear. I knew it had to be done as times change and in present day social media is the most powerful way of reaching people. If I was going to succeed in these times, then I needed to be thinking different and doing different.

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How did I overcome my fear of humiliation? Can you do it too?

Overcoming fear isn’t an easy task and its so easy for others to say  “just do it you will be fine”  but its an emotion, its your brain saying don’t do it. 

In the end I bit the bullet and set about making my first video post. I wanted to post one a week on our unique selling points so construction companies can see why we are different and not your standard recruitment agency. The first video I recorded 9 times as I was nervous. I was making mistakes, I kept fidgeting. In the end I had to stand up to stop my fidgeting and managed to record something I thought would ‘do’. I settled for something.

I wasn’t happy with what I had recorded but that was down to self confrontation. I watched it back many times and felt worse each time BUT in the end I posted it as I had a thought. When I meet people face to face in business for the first time I have no problems. No fear and no nerves. I just get on with it and talk with confidence so why be so worried about a video. I look no different, I sound no different.

Im sure I can’t be the only that suffers with these fears and although I have posted a few videos now the fears are still there. I haven’t completely overcome them but I am sure it will become less of a fear over time. I am proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and posting in the first place – and the content gets considerably more views than other methods we have tried before.

We are who we are. We can’t change the way we sound or the way we look. We have just got to own it. Be the boss and give it a go. 

So how about you give stepping out your comfort zone a go!?


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