‘Team Seas’ the mission to remove 30 Million pounds of rubbish by 2022

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What is #teamseas? and how are they going to remove 30 million pounds of rubbish from the ocean in just 2 months?

Every year, millions of tons of rubbish are thrown into the ocean. Often, the rubbish is thrown into rivers, which then lead into the ocean. This is because in poorer areas they have nowhere to put their rubbish other than the closest river. Rubbish, mainly plastic, in our oceans causes lots of harm to aquatic life so Team Seas has come up with a movement to help remove 30 million pounds of trash by the 1st of January 2022.

Team Seas will aim to remove rubbish from Oceans, Beaches and Rivers. By using a mix of volunteers and rubbish collecting boats. These boats are engineering masterpieces. They are used to collect trash in rivers where people regularly go to throw away their trash. The well-engineered boat anchors to the river bank and guides trash into its ‘mouth’ where it is collected into multiple skips and then disposed of/recycled later.


To remove rubbish from beaches and the ocean, TeamSeas will simply use lots of volunteers. However,  the cost of travel, equipment, facilities, utilities and technology can stack up when trying to remove 30 million pounds of rubbish.

This is why #teamseas and the future needs your help. By donating £0.72 you can get one pound of trash removed from the ocean. Let’s get to 30 million by the 1st of January 2022.

Visit #teamseas and donate here: https://teamseas.org/


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