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New Job in Lockdown

I never thought I would be starting a new job during a Covid lockdown. In fact, I thought it was going to be a real challenge to find a new job, especially a career. But having started at Darcy Associates virtually – the challenge was something I was so happy to accept. Everyone has been really good at introducing themselves in the company and making me feel welcome. There has been lots of Zoom conversations and team meetings to help learn key skills and develop my knowledge. There is no doubt that we have a very friendly and helpful Director who is willing to go the extra mile for the entire team which inspires confidence in the company as a great place to work. The whole team is just fantastically supportive and I am really glad I took this opportunity when I did.

One good thing about creating friendships with your team online – thanks to the wonders of Zoom – is the excitement about finally meeting everyone once we are allowed back in the office. The current circumstances are challenging and hard for everyone, but it feels like I have joined a company and team that are all working hard to deliver in difficult circumstances. Positivity is something we all need in life right so its lovely to see this reflected in the day to day of the business. Communication is strong in the business with candidates and clients having reassurance that we are here to help.

Finding Candidates in Lockdown

I was expecting more challenges and hiccups than maybe has been the reality. Having never worked remotely and never worked for a recruitment agency – I had it all thrown at me at once. One of the biggest challenges has been family members in the background but the world has changed, and people are more accommodating to the fact you are working remotely once you explain. Zoom isn’t always the best solution for education but it has been working wonders for the majority of things since I started. Imagine a world with no screen share, or no easy access to communicating with each other. Our team are very close so we use Facebook Messenger more than most other platforms. It allows us to keep concentrating on our work but be able to talk very quickly to help each other out.

I have found out that the basic role of recruitment hasn’t changed . We are still making contact with new and existing clients and candidates to help them with jobs – successfully without much of a change in the way we operate. Some of the challenges around meeting people face to face is a real change for a business like ours. Once that functions and has a reputation of being so personable. I know the majority of our sales team can’t wait to get back out and meet people in some form of normality. But most importantly, you can see how the recruitment role can be done from home. This has changed the views of our Company Director who has always felt people need to be around their team physically to get the best out of them. But now we can craft a better culture where this can become part of the job rather than become something we don’t do as a business – meaning more flexibility and some occasional time to be left alone to do some work.

My words of advice as we are still in this pandemic are to stay positive, keep in touch with people and go above and beyond for people. With your clients, with your colleagues, with your friends and family or even your neighbours. An act of kindness – even as a little as a simple phone call to see how someone is hugely appreciated by everyone right now. It sparks that little smile on peoples faces that they might just need.

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