Here’s why you should use a Recruitment Agency. They’re not bad!

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Are recruitment agencies good
Ever been sceptical about using a recruitment agency?

Firstly, let's talk about the benefits of using a recruitment agency if you're looking for work.
If you're looking for work, a recruitment agency can be a great option, and here's why:

The consultants you deal with will be able to place you with a job that they think will be best suited to you. This lessens the risk of you getting a job you eventually dislike.

You will get hired a lot faster, this is because the consultant will have lot's of different roles available.

They will be in direct communication with the employers and their HR team so there's no going back and forward and you will be supported all throughout the recruitment process.

The consultants will have access to some of the best jobs in the industry due to being connected with big companies and companies who are offering exclusive roles.

And there's many many more positives to working with a recruitment agency. Now onto the benefits of hiring staff using a recruitment agency.

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5 Reasons why recruitment agencies are good:

1. You’ll have access to higher quality/experienced candidates. This is due to the fact that recruitment agencies such as Darcy Associates have access to candidates who are actively looking for work. The consultants will also know what a ‘bad candidate’ looks like and how capable a candidate is. Alongside this, they will know what sort of salary/wage expectations people have, so placing a candidate will be a lot more efficient.

2. You’ll fill vacancies a lot faster. This is due to the consultants actively seeking out professionals who fit the job description, both online and offline. They will also know exactly what to look for when trying to fill a vacancy, this decreases the amount of time wasted when searching for candidates.

3. Additional specialised services. Recruitment agencies will also carry out other tasks when necessary such as performing background checks, following up on references and conducting interviews. This all saves your business time and time is money!

4. They will save you a lot of work. As almost all of the recruitment process will be handled by the recruitment agency, there’s a lot less work for you to do, allowing you to focus more on other things. No sifting through cv’s, no conducting interviews.

5. They will provide support for your candidate. If your candidate has any troubles during the recruitment process, such as them getting lost or if they have any urgent questions that need answering.

In conclusion, using a recruitment agency such as Darcy Associates is a great way to save a lot of time and effort and will give you access to higher quality staff.


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