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Paid On Time Recruitment

Thousands and thousands of people work for agencies every single day. It’s an industry that has been extremely successful across the world connecting job seekers and employers with great simplicity. But there are horror stories. Just how many have had a problem with payments being late or just non-existent? We have all heard this from time to time Never knowing when you will be getting paid – being told you have to wait until the agency receives their payment first or you just can’t get in touch with anyone to find out what’s going on. You’ve heard them all and so have we. 

At Darcy Associates; we can confidently say these stories are not about us.  Why? We appreciate every candidate on our books and understand the importance of not only finding each of them the right job but that they are paid for that job, on time, every time. It’s not an easy task but it is critical for us to get things right and running a smooth payroll is an extremely important priority of our business operations every week.

So we know it’s important to be paid, but why is it important to us as the recruiter? 

At Darcy Associates our team very much believe that “when people are financially invested, they want a return.  When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute”.  We are emotionally invested in our candidates. No one is just a number – getting to know you personally allows us to make the relationships that keep our contractors happy and punctual.  We care about Mark who does Plastering for us. That Mark being able to pay his bills at the end of the week is not something you should be worrying about – but it should be a given.  Why wouldn’t we? Understanding the people who work for us, their commitments and families to provide for is what makes us difference. Temporary workers should feel confident every day that getting paid is one thing in this crazy world that doesn’t need to be worried about.  Let’s face it, we could all do with one less thing to worry about, and getting paid is a big one to check off the list. It should also be a given. Our team are personable and as a small business – we know about the struggles of having bills to pay, kids to feed and those Christmas presents that you are no doubt running out of time to purchase (thank god for Amazon)! 

Where would we be without our candidates? No where.  If we don’t pay them, they will just go elsewhere, and then what?  We have no business.  One thing that we have always believed in is that candidates are just as important as clients and should be treated so. It is a motto and value that has served us well – being well known in the industry for paying the market rates and making sure you are actually paid.

Why is it so important to candidates? 

The team at Darcy truly put candidates at the forefront of our business right alongside our clients, that’s what we are here for right?  Not to count numbers, not to spam people with C.V.s and job opportunities that are irrelevant. We are here to find jobseekers the right company and the right company to find the best candidates available.  Job done, yeah?  Not even close!

We don’t stop there and become just another agency that’s ticking a job off and disappoints everyone along the chain, we know that’s not where our responsibilities end and we know the most important thing to each candidate at the end of the week is that they are paid.  They’ve grafted for it, they’ve earned it and they absolutely deserve to get it on time.

You still hear it today –  “You never know when you’re going to be paid with an agency” – all over social media. You might have even seen in recent news the machine driver so angry he damaged a building site. Emotions run high when it comes to wages and there shouldn’t be any doubt that a recruitment agency doesn’t fulfil its legal commitment to pay workers.

At Darcy Associates;-

  • we have a dedicated in-house payroll team working on a weekly basis ensuring each timesheet is received in time for processing
  • we will help to chase up timesheets from sites, it’s not all down to you if you’re struggling to get it signed off, we are in this together
  • we speak with every candidate when a placement is found and make it clear when payments will be
  • we give details of the timesheet process and registration details for our excellent payroll provider
  • we have put a lot of time, effort and funding in to finding the best outsourced employment providers to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible from start to finish

Don’t listen to amateur agents that tell you: “The client hasn’t paid us so we won’t be paying you”
You are legally entitled to be paid for hours worked. This is the employment businesses responsibility.  Why should you wait? 

At Darcy Associates;-

  • we know the finances of our business and those of our clients should not be the concern of our candidates.  They are paid each week and do not wait regardless of whether we have received funds
  • we are extremely fortunate to have amazing clients that also understand the importance of payments being made on time and the onward effects
  • we have our excellent suppliers, finance team and credit control procedures in place to handle any situation without it creating an adverse effect for our candidates

And when they go cold on you – don’t shrug it off. When you just can’t get in touch with anyone – this is not acceptable. Get straight on the phone to ACAS and push for your wages.

At Darcy Associates;-

  • each candidate has a dedicated consultant that they can contact either in the office or on their mobile.  We don’t just wash our hands of each candidate once the job is started, we are here to help afterwards too if it’s needed
  • if the consultant is unavailable any member of our team is happy to help, whether that’s directly or taking a message to be followed up by the correct person
  • we have a very hands on Director who is always willing to dive in, pick up the phone and speak with anyone relating to any problems they are facing
  • we are can be contacted in varies ways including by phone, email and of course on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You want to speak with us?  We are here, ready and waiting.

So what about our clients?
Why would it be so important to them that we pay our candidates on time? 
How would it affect them? 
They just pass that responsibility to us don’t they? No way.

A happy workforce is a productive workforce – pretty much sums it up.  “An extensive study into happiness and productivity carried out at Oxford University found that workers are 13% more productive when happy”.

Our clients fully understand that a happy workforce on site will result in more work efficient workers, a better quality of work and a more committed, loyal team.  Not getting paid on time definitely comes with its problem. You cannot guarantee punctual high-quality labour if you cannot commit to paying people on-time.

If you are a business that uses recruitment agencies – how many times have you heard about the agent not paying workers? This is bad practise and a sign to start completing due diligence on your supply chain. You should be invested in your temporary workers and treat them like your permanent team.

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