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Hello everyone, my name is Darcy and funnily enough I work at Darcy Associates. I would like to tell a little bit about myself and how I started as a recruiter at Darcy Associates.

how it started

So, I started as your basic coffee girl, working at 9-5 role, and making your favourite Lattes along with breakfast rolls. I can honestly say it wasn’t as glamorous as it sounds 90% of the time, I was covered in whip cream and coffee grounds and it was a learning curve for sure. Now lets talk more on how I started as a recruiter. I started midway through the Covid–19 pandemic and it was very difficult. As I started, a lot of people had Covid, businesses were still slow and lot of companies started to go insolvent. This made getting my first new client very difficult, but I was always up for a challenge and ready to put the work in to learn more about construction and gain my first client.

After learning about the construction sector daily and dialling for hours a day I finally got my first client and job on within 2 months of me working at Darcy Associates. At the time, I knew very little about construction but was ready to work this job. The job was a local construction company that wanted a labourer permanently. I can honestly say the ‘permanent’ took me off guard I knew I had to work this role till my little fingers couldn’t dial anymore.

Within my first hour of calling and putting up my first job advert, I got over 20 applications for the role and I went through them thoroughly, overlooking each CV and calling them. That’s when I found the perfect candidate and put them forward for the role. He is even still working for the company now and doing a fantastic job.

To this day, I still work with this client and supply them labour daily. I will always look back and remember that I took a big step out of my comfort zone and ensured this role was perfectly filled for my client.

becoming a leader

I’ve recently been given the opportunity to train the new team in Bridgend and teach them that its okay to go out of your comfort zone and work roles that maybe you would have shied away from. Being someone who stands up for what’s right in a business is something many are afraid to do. But I would say my sharp and astute attitude to work has allowed me to quickly develop as a recruiter, not giving up on the first try and committing to pushing myself on my own accord. I always listen and take note of any training that I had at the start. This way I can fall back on information when required, so that teaching others  is easier and I can support my team when they require any help. I’ve always been someone who can hold good conversations and when I say hold a good conversation – grab a cup of tea and biscuits because its going to be a long one…

most inspiring newcomer 2021

Being able to hold a good conversation and being confident on the phone has developed in long lasting, honest relations with clients and by me being a quick thinker and taking in training and information with solid commitment is what has helped my career develop so quickly. Being a recruiter has taught me so much over the last few months and I can honestly say I’m thoroughly enjoying being a part of Darcy Associates and thriving daily. 

I am very proud to mention that after only 8 months I have been nominated for the Most Inspiring Newcomer 2021 at the Recruiter Investing in Talent Awards – if I can do if after 8 months – so can you!

– Darcy Harris, Head Of Recruitment (Bridgend Office)


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