Do You Need A Free Face Fit Testing Service?

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Face fit testing
Looking for face-fit testing services near you?

Well if you're a Darcy Associate client you're in luck.

We provide a FREE face-fit testing service to all of our clients with the only cost being for PPE, all training is free. We have provided this service to over 50 of our clients on various different scales. No need to search around, Darcy Associates have you covered.

If you require a face-fit test please contact us and we will schedule a test.

Companies who specialise in face-fit testing can charge £35+ for just a single test at their own test facility and £45+ for them to conduct the test at your site!
We believe we should offer this service free of charge to our clients as a way to say thankyou.

Why do you need a face-fit test?

Face-fit testing is actually a legal requirement for anyone who wears a close fitting mask for work. Here is a list of masks that must be fit tested:

  • Disposable half masks
  • Re-usable filter or cartridge half masks
  • Powered respirators
  • Full face filter or cartridge masks
  • Escape set masks
  • Full breathing apparatus masks
A face-fit test takes around 20 minutes to be carried out.

If you have any questions or queries about our face-fit testing service please contact us:


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