How to plant trees from the comfort of your own home or workplace – Ecologi.

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One of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees.

planting trees with ecologi

Around two years ago we came across the site They allow anyone to plant trees and reduce their carbon footprint from the comfort of their own home and/or business. Considering we use quite a bit of paper at Darcy Associates, we decided we needed to hop on this immediately and start planting some trees.

Not only does Ecologi allow you to save the environment one tree at a time, but it also creates a climate positive workforce who plant your trees in areas that need them the most.

You can plant 25 trees for as little as £3.10. You can also choose to pay a little more in order to offset your carbon footprint. Learn more about how to plant trees with Ecologi here

Our Forest

Ecologi also allows you to view all of the trees you have planted and gives you some really interesting statistics on the impact you’ve made.  At Darcy Associates we have planted 2,209 trees.

You can view our forest and the impact it has made to the environment here.

We think Ecologi is essenital for every business as it’s an easy and affordable way to help save the environment. It’s not going to save itself after all…


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