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“Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions, and a healthy dose of curiosity.” Richard Branson

Our passion is helping clients get things done. We absolutely love working with businesses that are scaling, growing or building their existing workforce to new levels. Sometimes you need a skilled person that you might not know – we will find them. Sometimes you might have a new project in a location that you are not local to – we will build that local knowledge and community.

What ever the stage of your hiring plans, why not work with an expert who will passionately get involved with your business from start to finish – in a manner that suits you. Some clients love us to be extremely hands on; others may not. One of the great things about working with such a young and vibrant company is that we are flexible and always know how to find the right balance.

We will help you take your business to new levels.

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Now that’s a pretty big claim but we’re confident. Because getting on our books isn’t a given – candidates have to meet strict standards and we only connect you to the people who share the same values, drive and interests as you. We want every hire to be a great experience and to do that – we really need to get to know our clients.

We get to know all our candidates and always try to place our regulars first because we can be sure they’ll do a good job. At the end of the day, you want peace of mind that the gaps in your business are filled with the right person. So you can crack on and do what you are amazing at.

We skill up people with additional training in things like Asbestos Awareness, Working at Heights, Face-fit RPE and Manual Handling. So yeah, we think you’ll be happy with the people we send over. In fact, we will even do this for your own team at no cost. Yes that’s right, free. We aren’t kidding when we say a true partnership.

If not, let us know within 4 hours of them starting and don’t pay us a penny! We are that confident!


Recruitment isn’t always just about finding the right talent. Sometimes you need a bit of support in planning your next move. We have experience in helping businesses scale, cut back and manage their existing workforce. In times of need, we are the backbone for you in everything employment related. From simple HR advise to generating a 12-month hiring plan; we can work in partnership with you to ensure you have the confidence in your businesses future.

As a business that values itself on being the go-to for people, we can help with much more than just the recruitment itself.

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Our contacts allow us to create a community of people who can support each other. If you need a drylining subcontractor, come to us and we can recommend some of our best clients. Need some new contacts to price work? Let us connect you with our community of clients to that you can create your own new relationships and business opportunities.

By getting directly involved in your projects, we build a community with the local areas giving you access to labour close to the project. Securing people work, building a local team of labour and most importantly, supporting the areas in which you are building in. That’s just amazing.

Many of our relationships also stem from our commitment and involvement with the local community. We support many local charities and events – really getting involved with the local areas we recruit for.


We’d love to say we get clients based on our good looks and charm, but there’s more to it than that. In fact, we reckon it’s our numbers you’ll like the best:


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We’re so confident about the quality of the candidates we put forward, we offer not one but three guarantees about the value and service you’ll receive…


If you’re not happy with a candidate after 6 hours, we’ll have them off site immediately and you won’t have to pay a penny.
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If we can’t respond in time or can’t have someone with you when we say we will, we’ll offer you a £20 credit note.
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Our pricing is always great value and fully transparent, so much so if we can’t at least match a like for like quote you’ll get £200 back.
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