Amanda has over a decades experience working within sales and business development. Always eager to help and consult with clients who are looking to grow their head count. Experienced in recruiting for SME and Bluechip companies

She is very much a family person and spends most weekends catching up with them. When away from the family she likes to travel and see the wonders of the world!

Amanda says “The best thing about working with Darcy is that the Director and the team are very supportive. There are genuine opportunities in the company and we strive to go that extra mile for candidates and clients.”

ONE THING NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT YOU (UNTIL NOW): I dislike Tin Foil – like seriously!

YOUR’E STUCK ON A ISLAND WITH 3 PEOPLE, WHO ARE THEY? Bear Grylls (survival guaranteed), Jamie Oliver and my partner (just in case he sees this)!

WHAT ANIMAL WOULD YOU BE IF YOU HAD TO BE ONE? Dolphin… supposedly they’re as smart as humans!


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